Donate Items

Families are encouraged to drop off donations of baby and toddler clothes, toys and equipment such as cots by getting in touch at to arrange a drop off time.

We will assess what you intend to donate and get your consent on the use of the items. Once both parties are happy, a link would be sent to you to book your drop off slot. Please see our donations policy below in the footer.

Our Donation Guides

Guidelines and Safety Information

All items given to us must be safe and fit for purpose. Our guidelines are based on those of government guidelines and British Standard Guidelines.

Sleeping Aid

We check all items before we give them out to our families. If the item doesn’t meet our standards and those set by government legislation we will not accept them.

Travel Systems

All prams, buggies and other travel  systems must meet specific criteria set by trading standard guidelines.

High chairs

All high chairs and feeding chairs given to us must be safe and fit for purpose.

How to Make A Fantastic Donation

Ensure all items are washed, cleaned, in good and safe conditions for use. If you can give your best friend we can accept it.

What we cannot accept

We cannot accept, ripped, decolouration or damaged items.